Three-Dimensional Graphic Organizers ("Foldables")by: Jo Anne Vasquez, Michael W. Comer, and Frankie Troutman

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A foldable is a three-dimensional graphic organizer that allows learners to record and process new words and concepts in a hands-on, kinesthetic way. It helps increase students’ visual-spatial learning, which research has shown to be critical to long-term understanding. This chapter provides an overview of the research, gives examples of three-dimensional graphic organizers, and suggests applications of the use of this tool in science lessons.

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  • on Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:58 PM

This book chapter allows students to have a visual way of organizing information in a way that helps them make sense of what they are expected to know. Using a three dimensional organizer is called “recomposing.” “Recomposing is a way for them (students) to collect new information and develop an understanding of the vocabulary terms.” When students recompose, they have to take information from one form and transform it into another. Students use the three-dimensional organizer to take large amounts of information and break it down into more manageable sections. The author shows a wide variety of foldables throughout the chapter to give you an idea how to utilize them. The chapter download does not provide information on Dinah Zike Foldables, many Youtube videos are available for view by searching “Dinah Zike”. Also available is Dinah’s website,

Sandy Gady  (Renton, WA)
Sandy Gady (Renton, WA)

  • on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:28 PM

Foldables provide a means to meet the needs of kinetic and visual learners in our classrooms and provide students with a variety of ways to organize information. This chapter provides the research to support those assertions and examples of easy ways to begin to use foldables in the classroom. My students found these to be wonderful ways to take notes and review science concepts and when well done, provide a means for students to develop personalized models of science concepts. I love these!

Tina Harris  (Bloomington, IN)
Tina Harris (Bloomington, IN)

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