Mastery Learning in the Science Classroom: Success for Every Student


In these pages, Kelly Morgan presents a compelling case for implementing a mastery learning science classroom and then shows us how to do it. Using research-based student performance data, Morgan compiles impressive statistics that support her assertion, “Mastery learning results in improved student learning and motivation.” Showing challenges as well as benefits, this text covers a step-by-step implementation from the traditional classroom to a mastery classroom, along with sample worksheets, checklists, a teacher grading grid, and additional resources. Beginning with the author’s personal experience in Chapter 1, “Why Did I Completely Change My Classroom?” mastery learning is then defined, approached using research-based techniques, and viewed through practical applications that will answer every question a teacher, parent, or principal might have about this methodology. And for the details, a chapter called “How Mastery Learning Might Look” provides a flexible model for readers to use or modify to fit any grade level or content area.

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  • on Tue May 10, 2011 5:25 PM

The author Kelly Morgan presents a comprehensive look into a mastery learning classroom. After reading this book, I not only am completely convinced this should be the goal of every classroom, I also understand how mastery learning looks in a science classroom. I have a been pursuing different aspects of a differentiated classroom via professional development and books. I have struggled with the idea of adapting these strategies for science do to the demands of labs. This book helped by presenting examples from a science classroom. I feel that mastery learning goes hand-in-hand with differentiated learning. The important idea is every student should expect they have to demonstrate mastery, and will not be allowed to simply fail and move on in the curriculum.

Angelika Fairweather  (Bradenton, FL)
Angelika Fairweather (Bradenton, FL)

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