BOOK ONLY EVO Teachers Guide: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Evolution

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Draw on the wit and wisdom of brilliant scientists to inspire your students as you teach them about a challenging area of biology. This teacher’s guide, which accompanies the EVO DVD, is structured around 10 fundamental questions about biological evolution. The teachers guide explores the DVD’s commentary from some of the world’s most well-known biologists, who gathered on the Galápagos Islands during a World Summit on Evolution and were interviewed about everything from what evolution is to how it happens to why anyone should care. While the video from the natural world provides students with vivid examples of the ideas and processes the biologists describe, the classroom experiences further support and develop students’ understanding of a scientifically-supported theory and its applications. The rigorously structured teachers guide helps you maximize the video with lesson-by-lesson learning outcomes; thorough background; and guidance on preparing for and then leading the lesson—from initial student engagement through evaluation. Engaging, easy to use, and authoritative, EVO Teachers Guide and its DVD are must-have resources.

The EVO Teachers Guide and DVD are also available as a set.

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