Ecosystem Journalism: Allow Your Students to Display Their Understanding of Life Science Concepts by Creating an Imaginative Newspaperby: Amy Robertson and Kathryn Mahlin

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Third-grade students display their understanding of life science concepts by creating an imaginative newspaper. This creative writing project engages students in researching, writing, and editing a newspaper based on a prairie ecosystem.

A Chapter From...Science the "Write" Way
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  • on Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:46 PM

I love the idea of creating projects/assignments that cross contents. This is a great way to get students engaged in one subject while incorporating another. As I reviewed this activity, I noticed that it talks more about one ecosystem but you could in fact make it about multiple ecosystems. It could be based on their experience or even on what they have learned in the text. I cannot wait to use this resource in the next school year.

Tanishia Horton  (Dallas, TX)
Tanishia Horton (Dallas, TX)

  • on Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:51 PM

What a great way to tie in the study of prairie ecosystems with writing! In addition to giving guidance on how to facilitate the activity, this author provides a rubric to help you grade and even gives suggestions for prairie related resources for your students. This exercise is perfect for older elementary school students and middle school students.

Ruth Hutson  (Westmoreland, KS)
Ruth Hutson (Westmoreland, KS)

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