Interactive Reflective Logs: Opening Science Notebooks to Peer and Teacher Feedbackby: Katina Leland, Cynthia Minchew Deaton, and Benjamin E. Deaton

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Ho do we as educators ensure that all students are given the opportunity to respond or engage students who are embarrassed to speak in front of others? The authors created an interactive reflective log (IRL) to provide teachers with an opportunity to use a journal approach to record, evaluate, and communicate student understanding of science concepts. Unlike a traditional journal, the IRL incorporates prompts to encourage students to discuss their understanding of science content and science processes and to reflect on their science activities.

A Chapter From...Science the "Write" Way
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  • on Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:15 PM

I really liked the idea of making the student's science journals interactive! This allows for the teacher to see the thought process of each student individually, and ask scaffolding questions to all of the students. While we try to do this in class, it is impossible to ask these important questions to every student when specifically tailoring it to their individual thought processes. While the concept was great, I would've loved to see more of a variety of how to incorporate this in their journals.

Amanda Chavez
Amanda Chavez

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