Recycled Water: The Hydrologic Cycleby: William R. Veal and Robert A. Cohen

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If we cannot see the water vapor, how do we know water vapor exists? In this Activity, you will examine the evidence regarding the presence of water vapor in the air and explore how water vapor plays a key role in the formation of clouds and rain.

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  • on Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:45 AM

This activity provides students with a good demonstration of what it looks like for water to go through a basic cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation with some runoff thrown in. Like the author states, following up with a terrarium would allow you to integrate transpiration into the cycle. This totally neglects groundwater and the role of glaciers/ continental ice sheets, but these can be included with additional activities. A good overall introduction to water cycle - for those concerned about it using incandescent lighting sources - these lights are still imported from other countries or a substitute could be obtained at a pet store that sells supplies for reptiles (as neither CFL or LED lights provide the heat needed for reptiles).

Tina Harris  (Fairmount, IN)
Tina Harris (Fairmount, IN)

  • on Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:31 PM

This chapter gives a lot of useful information about the water cycle and also give directions for an experiment about the water cycle. The experiment takes some extra time on the part of the teacher preparing the equipment. It would make a good demonstration.

Betty P  (Kansas City, MO)
Betty P (Kansas City, MO)

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