Insect Encounterby: David Alexander

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In this activity, students will be able to identify the behaviors of insects in their natural habitat by having the students explore the world around them.

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  • on Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:13 PM

This is a delightful book chapter to encourage students to become insect detectives. There are investigations for both summer and winter months. In the summer, students watch for typical insect behaviors like flying, mating, feeding, and pollinating. In the winter months, students participate in a scavenger hunt looking for galls, cocoons, egg cases, etc. To maintain a lifelong interest in entomology, an insect life list is included. Here students can keep track of each insect encounter, recording the name of the insect, date of the encounter, place where encountered, and weather conditions.

Carolyn M  (Buffalo Grove, IL)
Carolyn M (Buffalo Grove, IL)

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