Insect Mouthpartsby: David Alexander

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In this activity, students will be able to describe the mouth parts of insects and determine which is most effective for specific food types.

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  • on Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:19 PM

This is a great lesson plan for teachers who want to educate their students on the mouthparts of various insects, such as butterflies and mosquitoes. The lesson plan is concisely written and well organized where it is broken into sections, such as objective, materials, and procedures. I feel that this is a very effective lesson because it takes a hands-on and interactive approach to teaching this topic that will make the learning experience more meaningful and entertaining for students. Students learn about how insects eat food by the students using common every day materials to make the information more relatable and easier to understand, such as using a flexible bending straw to slurp up a liquid to reflect the proboscis of a butterfly. I also found it useful how the lesson plan provides insect mouthparts discovery lab cards that teachers can use for stations around their classroom. Overall, the lesson plan was easy to navigate and provides effective ways for teachers to help students learn about the mouthparts of various insects in an entertaining way.

Melissa B
Melissa B

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