If You Build It...by: Christine Anne Royce

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From the youngest ages children construct buildings, bridges, towers, and anything else that comes to mind using a variety of materials. The books and activities, in this chapter, take this interest in construction and build on it by allowing students to experiment with structures, their design, and how they withstand forces. Through building activities young students start to develop science concepts associated with engineering and technology, while older students are able to put their knowledge of structures to the test in the design process.

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  • on Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:13 PM

I thought this was a really good article on how to design and implement a building activity in an elementary classroom. Even if you don't decide to build the exact same thing as the article outlines, the procedures outlined by the article may be of great assistance. It was also extremely helpful to me in introducing the idea of using trade books within the classroom.

Scott Williams
Scott Williams

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