Unusual Creaturesby: Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan

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Triops, also called tadpole shrimp, are tiny aquatic animals that are easy to raise and fun to watch. Their rapid growth rate, underwater acrobatics, and entertaining feeding behaviors make these inexpensive and readily available animals well-suited for classroom observation. In this chapter, students observe “mystery eggs” that quickly hatch and grow into triops larvae. Students learn to use a science notebook to keep track of their observations, wonderings, and learnings about the fascinating characteristics and life cycles of these most unusual creatures.

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  • on Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:26 PM

I think this is a very interesting look on inquiring. Most students aren't going to know what tripos are, this leads to great questioning from the students. I also like how this gives them plenty of time to observe the animals and how they behave in their habitat. All observations occur before telling the students what exactly they are looking at. Then once they look at the trade book they can go through and answer all of their questions they have had. This resource also provides them with a notebook to fill out so they can keep their ideas in one place.

Kaylee Buck
Kaylee Buck

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