Exemplary Science for Building Interest in STEM Careers

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National standards encourage science teachers to help “increase student economic productivity through the use of the knowledge, understandings, and skills of the scientifically literate person in their careers.” Exemplary Science for Building Interest in STEM Careers provides the examples and inspiration to accelerate the trend toward steering students to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. This book explores 16 examples of ideas and experiences representing a large number of career areas; they include scientists, engineers, inventors, and education reformers. Many of the authors have enlisted the help of community members and business and industry representatives, emphasizing the more current view of what science is and the importance of collaborative learning. Science is the act of humans trying to make sense of objects and events found in the natural world. It is exciting to engage students in resolving problems and issues using their own ideas. If science is personally experienced, it will attract many more to STEM careers!

When teachers change their teaching, student interest increases—and more students aspire to science-related careers as well. Changes in teaching must occur and typical courses must change to focus more on student efforts with projects, activities, and problem-solving. This is the best plan for getting more students interested in pursuing STEM careers after high school.

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