Warp speedby: Arthur Eisenkraft and Larry D. Kirkpatrick

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Although faster-than-light travel is commonplace in science fiction, ordinary matter in the ordinary world must obey the laws of physics. The speed of light is the speed limit in the Universe. Only massless particles such as photons can travel at the speed of light. This makes any observation of something appearing to travel faster than the speed of light rather astonishing. Such observations have been made in astronomy and is the focus of this chapter.

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  • on Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:09 PM

Arthur Eisenkraft and Larry D. Kirkpatrick do an excellent job combining art and the theory of speed of light traveling. It is interesting that students took a try at explaining the light travel theories. This article does a beautiful job of sparking an interest in traveling at the speed of light. The application is found in a common item, the camera.

Cara Cook
Cara Cook

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