Electric and Magnetic Forces

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The Electric and Magnetic Forces Enhanced E-book* uses everyday events and items, like lightning, flashlights, batteries, compasses, and maglev trains, to examine electricity and magnetism. It provides detailed explanations of key science concepts, plus self-directed, embedded assessment to allow readers to check their learning. Teaching strategies will help teachers better understand student preconceptions and inquiry learning. The book's appealing multimedia and interactive simulations can also be used in the classroom.

*Enhanced E-books are highly interactive, self-directed learning experiences designed to augment understanding of science content and pedagogy. These e-books include high-resolution images, animations, videos, interactive simulations, and embedded assessment.

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  • on Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:04 AM

As a science education specialist, many of the teachers that I would with in the K-5 domain struggle with content and depth of understanding. This translates to incomplete/poor science preparation for our students. These eBooks provide the depth of content necessary to promote teacher confidence! Kudos.

Jaime Rechenberg  (Hartford, CT)
Jaime Rechenberg (Hartford, CT)

  • on Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:26 PM

I have been using this E-book to prepare myself for teaching a middle school unit on electricity & magnetism -- something I haven't studied since I was in high school! This book provides a great overview of the subject and also includes a lot of interesting history and facts that I've been incorporating into my notes and labs to add interest. I've also been getting some great ideas for simple experiments and labs to conduct with my class.

Mary  (Townshend, VT)
Mary (Townshend, VT)

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