The Basics of Data Literacy: Helping Your Students (and You!) Make Sense of Data (e-book)


Here’s the ideal statistics book for teachers with no statistics background. Written in an informal style with easy-to-grasp examples, The Basics of Data Literacy teaches you how to help your students understand data. Then, in turn, they learn how to collect, summarize, and analyze statistics inside and outside the classroom.

The book’s 10 succinct chapters provide an introduction to types of variables and data, ways to structure and interpret data tables, simple statistics, and survey basics from a student perspective. The appendices include hands-on activities tailored to middle and high school investigations. Because data are so central to many of the ideas in the Next Generation Science Standards, the ability to work with such information is an important science skill for both you and your students.

This accessible book will help you get over feeling intimidated as your students learn to evaluate messy data on the Internet, in the news, and in future negotiations with car dealers and insurance agents.

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