Editor’s Roundtable: We’ve come a long way from the four elements by: Inez Liftig

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As our technology advanced, so has the sophistication of our classification systems. Over time, we’ve moved from the ancient Greeks’ four elements to the periodic table, and from classifying animals by the way they move to comparisons of their DNA sequences. Classification systems are an essential tool in all branches of science, but also help bring order to our everyday lives in the form of phone directories, library catalogs, bus schedules, supermarket aisles, and countless other ways. This issue of Science Scope has some interesting classification activities to build on the observation and classification basics that students bring with them from elementary school.

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  • on Tue May 05, 2015 3:11 PM

I particularly enjoy how this article demonstrates the connection of classification in everyday life, such as going to the supermarket. Classification is a skill that all students need to have and as time goes on, by building from what they have already learned, students will be able to classify much more complex materials and be more specific about the classifications that they use. I feel that this is a very important skill for students to have.


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