Disequilibrium: Teaching Discrepant Events With the 5E Instructional Modelby: Todd Hoover

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This column shows how to use discrepant events to confront misconceptions. This month's issue takes a vinegar–baking soda activity through the various stages of the 5E Instructional Model.

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  • on Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:29 PM

This is so indicative of many of the sessions at MEMTA 16. I love being surprised by what happens during an experiment or activity and students do too. It sure takes boredom out of the equation. I've done the naked egg with students in lower elementary and they have a lot to share about why this happens. I love the "what ifs" they ask and it allows us to extend the learning when we allow students to explore their thinking. This is a great way to teach osmosis as well. Rinse off the naked egg and put it in a baggie with heavy syrup to see what happens next. I do the egg in vinegar experiment in baggies, zip the top, and push a pin tack through the top to hang it on a diagonal on a cork board for easy observation.

Pamela Dupre  (Lake Charles, LA)
Pamela Dupre (Lake Charles, LA)

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