Seedlings in a Jarby: Page Keeley, Francis Eberle, and Lynn Farrin

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The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about conservation of matter in a closed system. The probe is designed to find out if students can transfer ideas about conservation of matter in a closed system to a life science context. Even though transformation of matter of ideas related to food, growth, photosynthesis, and respiration are embedded within the task, students do not need to use this knowledge if they grasp the fundamental idea that no new atoms are added or taken away within the closed system.

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  • on Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:09 PM

Outstanding probe that weaves physics' law of Conservation of Mass with life science and sprouting seeds. As educators we always question if our students will transfer the knowledge in one discipline to another - here is a quick check with detailed suggestions to extend learning.

Alyce D  (Peyton, CO)
Alyce D (Peyton, CO)

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