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You're teaching a subject for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. You need a content refresher now. Where can you find help that's engaging, high-quality, easy to access—and affordable, too?

From NSTA's latest ready resource: Science Objects! Science Objects are two hour on-line interactive inquiry-based content modules that help you better understand the science content you teach.

Science Objects are free to NSTA members!

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You Deserve the Credit!

SciPacks are 10 hour online learning experiences that you can use to help you better understand the content you teach. SciPacks are aligned with the national science education standards. Each SciPack contains:

  • Up to five self-paced interactive online learning experiences called Science Objects that use an inquiry-based approach with engaging simulations and embedded questions.
  • An email content Mentor to address your individual questions; these knowledgeable content experts respond via email within 48 hours.
  • A pedagogical component to assist you in translating the content for your classroom.
  • The opportunity to pass a final assessment and print a certificate from NSTA demonstrating your understanding of the content addressed within the SciPack. The certificate can be found in the "My Certificates" page.

Teachers are encouraged to seek approval in advance from their district for continuing education credits that may be ascribed for passing the final assessment. NSTA is establishing relationships with the department of education in states across the U.S. to formalize the recertification value for completing a SciPack, or series of SciPacks.

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Sites, Solutions, Success

SciGuides are valuable classroom resources for science teachers interested in integrating the web into their teaching. Each guide consists of:

  • customized lesson plans using selected web resources and science simulations
  • teacher media vignettes and sample of students’ work describing the lessons
  • approximately 100 standards-aligned web-accessible resources

Recently a third party evaluator administered an online survey gathering feedback from existing SciGuide users. The majority of those surveyed said that:

  • SciGuides are easy to navigate, well organized, and present up-to-date information.
  • SciGuides resources are more valuable than those available through basic Internet searches.
  • SciGuides aided them in the instructional planning process and were accessed for the express purpose of helping them improve their science instruction.

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Web Seminar Archives

NSTA Web Seminars are 90-minute, live professional development experiences that use online learning technologies to allow participants to interact with nationally acclaimed experts, NSTA Press authors, and scientists, engineers, and education specialists from NSTA partner organizations.

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NSTA Virtual Conferences

NSTA virtual conferences consist of a series of live web sessions delivered via Blackboard Collaborate, interactive distance-learning tool. Each conference features content and/or pedagogy from experts in a particular topic. General and breakout sessions are followed by chat discussions among participants and presenters. An asynchronous forum is available for those who desire to participate in “deeper” discussions throughout the day and after the conference.

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NSTA Journal Articles

NSTA's award-winning, peer-reviewed journals are geared to the specific needs of science teachers at every level. You can read about the latest teaching strategies or find a new activity to use in your classroom tomorrow. Choose from:

  • Science & Children, for the elementary level
  • Science Scope, for the middle and junior high level
  • The Science Teacher, for the secondary level
  • The Journal of College Science Teaching, for the college level

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NSTA Collections

Collections of resources created by NSTA. They include both NSTA resources and user created content organized around a central topic.

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