What's Your Why?

Teaching is a challenging profession. As a teacher, you plan, instruct, assign and grade. In addition, you often serve as custodian, nurse, referee, mentor and friend. What keeps you working every day? What’s Your Why?

NSTA wants to recognize you! Share your story of the best student compliment you’ve received and why/how it motivated you. Perhaps it’s about a student who had been struggling and finally found his/her passion thanks to your teaching. Or maybe you received kind words from a former student after they left school. If you have an image, like a "thank you" card or a drawing your student made, you may upload it for display. Whatever your story, it matters and deserves to shine!

As you share your story, we will add it to this community page to recognize both you and the amazing students you work for! We will also enter your name to participate in raffles of NSTA gift cards you can redeem for NSTA resources or gear!

Share your experiences on social media! Take a photo with our black and white or color banner and share using #Science60!

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