My Learning Plan

My Learning Plan allows you to create a personalized plan that outlines your professional learning experiences over a period of time, describing how you will support increased student learning through your increased teacher knowledge and skills. It allows you to voluntarily upload portfolio materials, such as samples of student work or augmented lesson plans, and generate written reflections that demonstrate and support your growth over time.

My Certificates

You may print your transcripts and certificates directly from this page and present them to an administrator who requires documentation that you participated in an NSTA conference, or for completion of an NSTA learning experience such as an NSTA Virtual Conference, SciPack, or live Web Seminars.

The Professional Development Indexer

Helps you diagnose your needs in specific content areas and provides suggestions of NSTA e-PD resources and opportunities you may want to consider as you plan your professional learning growth over time. The Indexer does not assign a grade to the questions you answer, but saves a list of recommended resources for later review.

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