NSTA Virtual Conference

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 - Are You and Your Students Ready for the Sky Event of the Decade?

NSTA Virtual Conferences Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse
The total solar eclipse will only be visible in the dark narrow band displayed in the map above.

On October 15, 2016, dozens of educators nationwide took part in this 4-hour virtual conference. The presenters, Andrew Fraknoi, Dennis Schatz, and Dr. Claire Raftery shared:

  • About eclipses, in general, and about the 2017 eclipse, in particular - where, when, and how to view it safely
  • The latest regarding solar science
  • Ideas for a series of NGSS-aligned activities
  • How teachers and informal educators can become a locus of eclipse education and outreach in their communities

Learn more about the virtual conference's presenters and agenda. You may also purchase all the sessions' archives.

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